Pray without ceasing. 1 Thess. 5:17
Pray Believing - The Word of God.
Pray everyday for God to work on the hearts of our people.

Eagles View Prayer Request:

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Pastor & wife: Bro. Richard & Sis. Janice Bell 

Our Church Family

Our Church services

Unspoken request

Our Nation, Leaders & Military

Bro. Don

Bro. Ricky Summers

The Stanford Family 

Bro. Larry & Sis. Marsheila

Matthew Weatherford

Timmy & Family

Bro. Gary & Sis. Shjeila & Marcy

Bro. Bell's sister & Family

Bro.& Sis.Cox & Family

Bro.Steven & Sis Amy & Shiloh

Atlanta Baptist Rescue Mission

Angie & kids

Bro. Larry Wilson's Family

Kimberly, that the Lord will continue to bless her piano playing

Kimberl's health & pray a wall of prayer around Kimberly

Sis. Karen's health

For our church to have a full-time song leader.

Ronnie, Jessica & Candyce Brown

Sis. Sheila's --Sister Janice

Our Church to grow

Our Missionaries


Pray for Lost People

Street Preaching

Bro. Ricky's Dad

Sis. Donna's Dad

Kimberly Weatherford

Kristen & Ethan

Kristen's Parents

The Bell's Neighbors

The Bell's daughters

Bro. Wright's wife

The Way Family 

Bro. Steve's cousin

The Elkin's son-in-law

Mrs. Juliet & daughters

Mrs. Mary & Family

Michael, Melissa & Dillon Summers will get in church

Chris, Breanna & Nicholas Summers will get in church

Pray for out vistors, that they will come back and be with us.

That Missionaries will get the support they need.

Pray that there will always be unity in our church.


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